Title Communication Between Plug-in Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers
Acronym SAE J2847-2
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2015
Link https://www.sae.org/standards/content/j2847/2_201504

This SAE Recommended Practice SAE J2847-2 establishes requirements and specifications for communication between Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) and the DC Off-board charger. Where relevant, this document notes, but does not formally specify, interactions between the vehicle and vehicle operator. This document applies to the off-board DC charger for conductive charging, which supplies DC current to the Rechargable Energy Storage System (RESS) of the electric vehicle through a SAE J1772™ coupler. Communications will be on the SAE J1772 Pilot line for PLC communication. The details of PowerLine Communications (PLC) are found in SAE J2931/4. The specification supports DC energy transfer via Forward Power Flow (FPF) from source to vehicle. SAE has published multiple documents relating to PEV and vehicle-to-grid interfaces. The various document series are listed below, with a brief explanation of each. Figure 1.1 shows the sequencing of these documents and their primary function (e.g., the J2836 and J2847/1 documents start with Smart Charging, J2836 and J2847/2 then adds DC charging, etc.). The intent is to have subsequent slash sheets complement each other as more functions and features are included. The /6 series of documents add wireless charging items not already included in the proceeding slash sheets. These are all then included in Interoperability in SAE J2953 and security in SAE J2931/7. J3072 then includes the PEV to grid requirements for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) power and communication to match J2836/3 Use Cases.