Title Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 10-3: Functional testing of IEC 61850 systems
Acronym IEC 61850-10-3
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2022
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/61395

IEC TR 61850-10-3:2022(E), which is a technical report, is applicable to testing of applications within substations. It is intended to give practical guidelines to perform the stages of quality assurance defined in IEC 61850-4:2011. However, while the quality assurance in that document begins with the IED manufacturer development stage and focuses on the role of the system integrator this document focuses on end-user requirement fulfilment.
The report may be useful to users applying IEC 61850 to other domains, however testing of IEC 61850 systems outside the substation domain is not within the scope of this document.
This document describes:
• A methodical approach to the verification and validation of a substation solution
• The use of IEC 61850 resources for testing in Edition 2.1
• Recommended testing practices for different use cases
• Definition of the process for testing of IEC 61850 based devices and systems using communications instead of hard wired system interfaces (ex. GOOSE and SV instead of hardwired interfaces)
• Use cases related to protection and control functions verification and testing
This document does not cover the conformance testing of devices according to IEC 61850-10 or methodologies for testing of abstract device independent functions.