Title Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 7-5: IEC 61850 modelling concepts
Acronym IEC 61850-7-5
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2021
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/30127

IEC TR 61850-7-5:2021, which is a technical report, establishes modelling concepts that help the user to understand how to apply the models defined in IEC 61850-7-4 and IEC 61850-7-3 to implement practical applications.
This document provides the basic concepts that are valid for all application domains using IEC 61850. Domain specific concepts are defined in other technical reports as in the document range of IEC 61850-7-5xx; as an example, IEC 61850-7-500 describes modelling concepts for functions related to substation automation.
On one side the number of potential topics for cross-domain modelling may be very high but on the other side it may be limited by domain specific restrictions often created by the historical evolution of IEC 61850 in the domains.
The first topic selected is the common control of power utility primary objects by means of the power utility automation systems based mainly on the long experience in substation automation systems. Common attributes for reliable power utility automation systems in all domains are quality and health. A special function having a broad application range in power utility automation systems is the scheduling of services as provided by the domain distributed energy resources (DER) used in smart grids, especially also for electric mobility. Not yet so much discussed in the context of IEC 61850 but very important for all IEDs is the impact of restart (power cycle) on the data model parameters. Non-agreed behaviour will raise problems for interoperability in multi-vendor systems.