Title Documents relevant to EN 301 549 “Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe”
Acronym CEN/CLC/ETSI TR 101 550
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2014
Link https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_tr/101500_101599/101550/01.01.01_60/tr_101550v010101p.pdf

The present document lists the documents used in the creation of EN 301 549 [i.3] on accessibility requirements for
public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe and provides a source reference for any other documents
needed to implement the test procedures specified in that document.
As well as identifying the sources for the EN content, the present document also provides additional explanation to
assist users of the EN with clarifications and supporting information about measurement methods, particularly where no
globally agreed test presently exists.
Where there are any test gaps, these are identified and test descriptions and evaluation methodologies are developed. In
those exceptional cases where it is not possible to do so, recommendations are given on how the gaps should be filled.