Title EEBus
Acronym EEBus
Document Type Standard
Committee EEBUS
Published Year
Link https://www.tuv.com/world/en/eebus.html#:~:text=EEBus%20is%20a%20new%20data%20communication%20standard%20forming,communication%20networks%20in%20the%20home%20and%20building%20area.

EEBus is a new data communication standard forming the interface between in-house communication and the energy supplier. The standard is currently under development. It connects the IP world of the smart grid and smart phone to automation and communication networks in the home and building area. For this purpose, EEBus supplies an application-neutral standardized interface.

EEBus is initially bridging the following three standards:

ISO EN 16484-5 (Data Communication Protocol – BACnet)
IEC 14543-3 (Home and Building Electronic Systems – KNX)
EN 14908-1 (Control Network Protocol – LON)