Title Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 4-35: Testing and measurement techniques – HPEM simulator compendium
Acronym IEC 61000-4-35
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2009
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/4220

IEC/TR 61000-4-35:2009(E) provides information about extant system-level High-Power Electromagnetic (HPEM) simulators and their applicability as test facilities and validation tools for immunity test requirements in accordance with the IEC 61000 series of standards. HPEM simulators with the capability of conducted susceptibility or immunity testing will be included in a further stage of the project. In the sense of this report the group of HPEM simulators consists of narrow band microwave test facilities and wideband simulators for radiated high power electromagnetic fields. IEC 61000-2-13 defines high power electromagnetic (HPEM) radiated environments as those with a peak power density that exceeds 26 W/m2 (100 V/m or 0,27 A/m). This part of IEC 61000 focuses on a sub-set of HPEM simulators capable of achieving much higher fields. Therefore, the HPEM radiated environments used in this document are characterized by a peak power density exceeding 663 W/m2 (500 V/m or 1,33 A/m). The intention of this report is to provide the first detailed listing of both narrowband (hypoband) and wideband (mesoband, sub-hyperband and hyperband) simulators throughout the world. HEMP simulators are the subject of a separate compendium (IEC 61000-4-32) and thus are outside the scope of this Technical Report. After an introduction, a general description of HPEM simulators, as listed in this Technical Report, is presented. A database has been created by collecting information from simulator owners and operators and this data is presented for the technical characterization of the test facilities. In addition, some important commercial aspects, such as availability and operational status, are also addressed.