Title ENTSO-E Acknowledgement Document (EAD) Implementation Guide
Acronym ENTSO-E acknowledgement process
Document Type Standard
Committee ENTSO-E
Published Year 2015
Link https://eepublicdownloads.entsoe.eu/clean-documents/pre2015/resources/Transparency/MoP_Ref_16_-_acknowledgement-v5r1.pdf

The objective of this guide is to define the generic technical and application acknowledgement document that can be used in all ENTSO-E processes. A document is controlled within the system environment at two levels:
1. It is first controlled at system level to detect syntax errors (XML parsing errors, file processing errors, etc.);
2. It is then controlled at the application level to detect any semantic errors (invalid data, wrong process, etc.).
If there is a problem encountered at the first level then a technical acknowledgement may be sent to inform the originator of the problem. If errors are encountered at the second level or if the application can successfully process the information then an application acknowledgement may be sent to inform the originator of the situation. The implementation guide is one of the building blocks for using UML (Unified Modelling Language) based techniques in defining processes and electronic documents for interchange between actors in the electrical industry in Europe.