Title Final report of the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Joint Working Group on Standards for Smart Grids
Acronym JWG Report
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2011
Link https://www.etsi.org/images/files/Report_CENCLCETSI_Standards_Smart_Grids.pdf

The following document identifies existing standardization and potential gaps in the European standard portfolio which will be relevant for smart grid implementation. The report will advise on European requirements relating to Smart Grid standardization, and assess ways to address them. The report builds on inputs from the Smart Grids Task Force of the European Commission. The European requirements are to be an integral part of the overall smart grid standardization philosophy. The report is not intended to repeat work already delivered by other organizations, of which an overview is provided in section 2.4. The report‘s focus is rather in determining the specific European requirements for standardization and it will make maximum reference to international work wherever this may already suffice for the implementation of smart grids in Europe. The report will initially focus on the smart electricity grid, but may extend its scope into other utilities (gas, water, heat), keeping it aligned with the scope of the European Commission‘s Smart Grids Task Force. The report is designed to present an overview of specific European standardization requirements concerning the smart grid by taking due account of the emerging task force recommendations. It matches these requirements against existing international standards and all relevant work in progress in standardization bodies, and builds on existing international and European standardization work in order to make recommendations as to how missing issues should be covered by standardization. These recommendations will reflect the preference for global standards that also apply in Europe (e.g. via the IEC-CENELEC Dresden agreement or the ETSI participation to 3GPP).