Title Flexiblepower Alliance Network
Acronym EFI – Energy Flexibility Interface communication protocol, FAN (Flexible Power Alliance Network)
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2013
Link https://flexible-energy.eu/

FAN (Flexible Power Alliance Network) has developed EFI, the Energy Flexibility Interface. EFI is a communication protocol that enables end users to control various smart devices, such as washing machines, air conditioning units, solar panels and car chargers, and thus unlock the opportunities of flexible energy.

Whenever manufacturers develop devices that support EFI, these devices can communicate with all Smart Grid technologies (Powermatcher, OpenADR, Triana). Conversely, by supporting EFI, developers of Smart Grid technologies can rely on their solution being able to communicate with all smart devices that support EFI.

EFI is an open source standard that enables smart devices to communicate with smart grids and vice versa. It will make it possible for us to make as much flexible energy available as possible. And this in turn helps the transition to a sustainable and affordable energy supply. The participants in FAN have combined their knowledge and experience of flexible energy and used it to develop EFI. A distinction can be made between four categories of equipment for EFI:

Inflexible devices, devices that cannot be switched
Devices that can be switched on and off by timers, such as washing machines and dishwashers
Energy storage equipment such as heat pumps and batteries
Customisable output devices – such as cold storage, electric cars