Title Framework for energy market communications – Part 451-4: Settlement and reconciliation business process, contextual and assembly models for European market
Acronym IEC 62325-451-4
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2017
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/29116

IEC 62325-451-4:2017 specifies a package for the settlement and reconciliation business process and the associated document contextual model, assembly model and XML schema for use within European style markets. The relevant aggregate core components (ACCs) defined in IEC 62325-351 have been contextualised into aggregated business information entities (ABIEs) to satisfy the requirements of this business process. The contextualised ABIEs have been assembled into the relevant document contextual models. Related assembly models and XML schema for the exchange of information between market participants are automatically generated from the assembled document contextual models. This part of IEC 62325 provides a uniform layout for the transmission of aggregated data in order to settle the electricity market. It is however not the purpose of this document to define the formula to be taken into account to settle or reconcile a market. The purpose of this document is only to enable the information exchange necessary to carry out the computation of settlement and reconciliation. The settlement process or reconciliation process is the way to compute the final position of each market participant as well as its imbalance amounts. This new edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
– removal of the attributes “quantity” and “secondary quantity” of the class “Point”;
– introduction of the classes “Quantity” and “Reason” from IEC 62351-351 UML package.