Title Fuel cell technologies – Part 6-300: Micro fuel cell power systems – Fuel cartridge interchangeability
Acronym IEC 62282-6-300
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2012
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/6764

IEC 62282-6-300:2012 covers interchangeability of micro fuel cell (MFC) fuel cartridges to provide the cartridge compatibility for a variety of MFC power units while maintaining the safety and performance of MFC power systems. For this purpose, the standard covers fuel cartridges and their connector designs. Fuel type, fuel concentration and fuel quality are also covered. This standard also provides for the means to avoid the miss-connection of an improper fuel cartridge. Test methods for verifying the compliance with the interchangeability requirements for fuel and fuel cartridges are also provided in this standard. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are listed below:
– updates to Type A to D interchangeable connectors, addition of Type E;
– updates of the procedures, criteria and figures of the type tests for interchangeable connectors to ensure accurate and consistent results.