Title IEC Smart Grid Standardization Roadmap
Acronym IEC Roadmap/ IEC TR 63097
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2017
Link https://syc-se.iec.ch/deliveries/iec-tr-63097-smart-grid-roadmap/

IEC/TR 63097:2017(E) provides standards users with guidelines to select a most appropriate set of standards and specifications. These standards and specifications are either existing or planned, and are provided by IEC or other bodies also fulfilling use cases.
It also aims at creating a common set of guiding principles that can be referenced by end-users and integrators who are responsible for the specification, design, and implementation of Smart Energy Systems.
As a living document, this roadmap will be subject to future changes, modifications and additions, and will be incorporated into future editions.
At the current stage, the focus remains the “Smart Grids”. This means that the full Smart Energy scope has not been addressed yet (i.e. the consideration necessary to include the interactions with other energies such as gas, and heat) and will be considered in a future edition of this document.