Title IEC Smart Grid Standardization Roadmap
Acronym IEC Smart Grid Standardization Roadmap
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2020
Link http://www.itrco.jp/libraries/IEC-SmartgridStandardizationRoadmap.pdf

The aim of this document is to draft a strategic, but nevertheless technically oriented,
reference book which represents the standardization requirements for the IEC Smart Grid
Roadmap based on the recent work of IEC SG3. As a living document, this roadmap will be
subject to future changes, modifications and additions, (i.e. completion of the mapping of a
Generic Reference Architecture for Smart Grid) and will be incorporated into future editions.
This roadmap presents an inventory of existing (mostly IEC) standards, and puts them into
perspective regarding the different Smart Grid applications. Gaps between actual standards
and future requirements are analyzed and recommendations for evolution are presented.
Nevertheless, different national and international groups have delivered input which, after
review and discussion in SG3, has been integrated in this version of the Roadmap