Title Industrial communication networks – Fieldbus specifications – Part 5-11: Application layer service definition – Type 11 elements
Acronym IEC 61158-5-11
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2007
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/4664

L’IEC 61158-5-11:2007 defines the services provided to the FAL user at the boundary between the user and the Application Layer of the Fieldbus Reference Model, and Systems Management at the boundary between the Application Layer and Systems Management of the Fieldbus Reference Model. This part of IEC 61158 specifies the structure and services of the IEC fieldbus Application Layer, in conformance with the OSI Basic Reference Model (ISO/IEC 7498) and the OSI Application Layer Structure (ISO/IEC 9545). This first edition and its companion parts of the IEC 61158-5 subseries cancel and replace IEC 61158-5:2003. This edition of this part constitutes a technical addition. This part and its Type 11 companion parts also cancel and replace IEC/PAS 62406, published in 2005. It includes the following changes:
– deletion of the former Type 6 fieldbus for lack of market relevance;
– addition of new types of fieldbuses;
– partition of part 5 of the third edition into multiple parts numbered -5 2, -5 3. This bilingual version (2014-07) corresponds to the English version, published in 2007-12.