Title Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M); Smart Energy Infrastructures security; Review of existing security measures and convergence investigations
Acronym ETSI TR 103 118
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2015
Link https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_tr/103100_103199/103118/01.01.01_60/tr_103118v010101p.pdf

The present document reviews security methods provided by deployed standards used in the Smart Energy industry
(e.g. IEC 62351 [i.7], IEC 62443 [i.8]) or mandated by regulation (e.g. Requirements from the German BSI for Smart
Meter Gateways and Secure Element) as well as gaps identified by the Smart Grid Information Security group for the
M/490 mandate, in order to identify areas where ETSI may bring additional value, e.g. by extending or harmonising
security solutions where possible.