Title OPC UA Information Model for IEC 61131-3
Acronym OPC UA part PLCopen
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2018
Link https://plcopen.org/system/files/downloads/plcopen_opcua_information_model_for_iec_61131-3_version_1.01.09.pdf

This specification was created by a joint working group of the OPC Foundation and PLCopen. It defines an OPC UA Information Model to represent the IEC 61131-3 architectural models. It is important that the controller as a main component of automation systems is accessible in the vertical information integration which will be strongly influenced by OPC UA. OPC UA servers which represent their underlying manufacturer specific controllers in a similar, IEC 61131-3 based manner provide a substantial advantage for client applications as e.g. visualizations or MES. Controller vendors may reduce costs for the development of these OPC UA servers if an OPC UA Information Mode l for IEC 61131-3 is used