Title Open Data Communication in Building Automation, Controls and Building Management – Home and Building Electronic Systems
Acronym EN 13321
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2021
Link https://www.en-standard.eu/bs-en-13321-1-2021-open-data-communication-in-building-automation-controls-and-building-management-home-and-building-electronic-system-product-and-system-requirements/

This standard BS EN 13321-1:2021 Open data communication in building automation, controls and building management. Home and building electronic system is classified in these ICS categories:

35.240.67 IT applications in building and construction industry
97.120 Automatic controls for household use

This document specifies, as for Home or Building Electronic Systems (HBES) for the domain of Building Automation and Control System Application and Building Management (BACS), common rules for a class of multi-application bus systems where the functions are decentralised and linked through a common communication process. This document specifies the basic requirements for products and systems. The requirements can also apply to the distributed functions of any equipment connected in a home or building control system if no specific standard exists for this equipment or system.

Due to its reference to the EN 50090 series, this document establishes requirements for the BACS area in relation to Architecture and Hardware and Application and Communication of systems based on HBES amongst other areas, and specifies the basic requirements for interoperability (between products and systems).