Title Operational Planning
Acronym IEC 61968-5
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2020
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/60069

IEC 61968-5:2020 is the description of a set of functions that are needed for enterprise integration of DERMS functions. These exchanges are most likely between a DERMS and a DMS. However, since this is an enterprise integration standard which may leverage IEC 61968-100:2013 for application integration (using web services or JMS) or other loosely-coupled implementations, there are no technical limitations for systems with which a DERMS might exchange information. Also, it should be noted that a DERMS might communicate with individual DER using a variety of standards and protocols such as IEC 61850, IEEE 2030.5, Distribution Network Protocol (DNP), Sunspec Modbus, or perhaps Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB). One role of the DERMS is to manage this disparity and complexity of communications on the behalf of the system operator. However, the communication to individual DER is out of scope of this standard. Readers should look to those standards to understand communication to individual DER’s smart inverter.
The scope will be limited to the following use case categories:
• DER group creation – a mechanism to manage DER in aggregate
• DER group maintenance – a mechanism to add, remove, or modify the members and/or aggregated capabilities of a given group of DER
• DER group deletion – removing an entire group
• DER group status monitoring – a mechanism for quantifying or ascertaining the current capabilities and/or status of a group of DER
• DER group forecast – a mechanism for predicting the capabilities and/or status of a group of DER for a given time period in the future
• DER group dispatch – a mechanism for requesting that specified capabilities of a group of DER be dispatched to the grid
• DER group voltage ramp rate control – a mechanism for requesting that a DER group following a ramp rate curve
• DER group connect/disconnect – a mechanism to request that DER either isolate themselves, or reconnect to the grid as needed.