Title PEV Communicating as a Distributed Energy Resource
Acronym SAE J2836-3
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2017
Link https://www.sae.org/standards/content/j2836/3_201701/

This SAE Information Report establishes use cases for a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) communicating with an Energy Management System (EMS) as a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) which must be supported by SAE J2847/3. This document also provides guidance for updates to SAE J2847/2 to allow an inverter in an EVSE to use the PEV battery when operating together as either a DER or as a power source for loads which are not connected in parallel with the utility grid. Beyond these two specific communication objectives, this document is also intended to serve as a broad guide to the topic of reverse power flow.attery when operating together as a distributed energy resource (DER).