Title Power systems management and associated information exchange – Part 1: Reference architecture
Acronym IEC TR 62357-1
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2016
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/26251

IEC TR 62357-1:2016(E) provides a clear and comprehensive map of all standards which are contributing to support interactions, in an open and interoperable way, between actors, components and systems in the field of electricity grids from generation to consumers, including transmission and distribution. The document also brings the vision of the path which will be followed by the concerned IEC technical committees and working groups in the coming years, to improve the global efficiency, market relevancy and coverage of this series of standards. This second edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
– it provides updates and defines layered Reference Architecture to help direct longer term goals and activities, specifically to ensure compatibility of all new standards developed in the IEC by benefitting from lessons learned during development of the current standards and their application to actual utility projects as well as through application of other internationally recognized architecture standards.
– It reflects the most recent editions of the IEC standards relating to power systems management and associated information exchange, including the IEC 61850 series and the IEC 61968, IEC 61970 and IEC 62325 Common Information Model (CIM) standards