Title Power systems management and associated information exchange – Part 2: Use Cases
Acronym IEC 62357-2
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2019
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/28523

IEC 62357-2:2019 (E), which is a technical report, establishes the list of Use Cases developed by TC 57, Power systems management and associated information exchanges, in order to prepare International Standards, Technical Reports and Technical Specifications. Use Cases are fundamental to TC 57 publications
This Technical Report:
• Identifies in existing standards, technical specification, reports and in ongoing TC 57 work (CD, DTS, DTR etc.) the Use Cases used as well as their links to standards, their status as Use Cases (level of description, standardization of the description referring to IEC 62559) and as IEC deliverables (are they in a TR/TS/IS, what is the status of the document CD, CDV etc.)
• Helps System Committees consolidate Use Cases through terminology and term definition work (link with existing relevant standards on the TC Terminology) and building links between roles and modelling frameworks (Role models). For example in TC 57 building links between the Use Case methodology and the roles used in IEC 62913-2 with CIM Interface Reference Model (IRM – IEC 61968).
• Shares and promotes those Use Cases within TC 57 and outside it. TC 57 mainly describes System Use Cases in the standards it publishes. Business roles and business Use Cases are mainly described within SyC SE (System Committee Smart Energy) deliverables (IEC 62559 series and IEC 62913 series).
• This document provides good input in reusing System Use Cases and System Roles inside and outside TC 57.
• Explains the content of its Use Cases to potential users and providing support on using those Use Cases for standardization (Normative context, maturity of the Use Case, location in standardization work, roles implied)
Those Use Cases aimed to be used as tools to identify requirements as input to further development of technical standards (whether TC 57 or not) and improve the consistency in this work and in that way contribute to interoperability. Use Cases facilitate cooperation at a system level with TCs, other standards-developing organizations, non-traditional players of electrotechnology, and regional organizations. Inside the IEC they provide a convergence platform with overall system level value for support of the Technical Committees and other standard development groups.
This document allows TC 57 to self-assess its work on Use Cases through KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) such as:
• % of Use Cases compliant with IEC 62559-2
• % of Business Use Cases (BUC) and System Use Cases (SUC)
• % of Business Roles and System Roles