Title Programmable controllers – Part 9: Single-drop digital communication interface for small sensors and actuators (SDCI)
Acronym IEC 61131-9
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2022
Link https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/68534

IEC 61131-9:2022 specifies a single-drop digital communication interface technology for small sensors and actuators SDCI (commonly known as IO-Link™ ), which extends the traditional digital input and digital output interfaces as defined in IEC 61131-2 towards a point-to-point communication link for the exchange of complex data in both directions. This techno¬logy also enables the transfer of parameters to Devices and the delivery of identification and diagnostic information from the Devices to the automation system.
This technology is mainly intended for use with simple sensors and actuators in factory automation, which include small and cost-effective microcontrollers.
This document specifies the SDCI communication services and protocol (physical layer, data link layer and application layer in accordance with the ISO/OSI reference model) for both SDCI Masters and Devices.
This document also includes EMC test requirements.
This document does not cover communication interfaces or systems incorporating multiple point or multiple drop linkages, or integration of SDCI into higher level systems such as fieldbuses.