Title Requirements for the connection of generators above 16 A per phase – Part 1: Connection to the LV distribution system
Acronym CLC TS 50549-1
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2015
Link https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/clc/681eece5-315b-4c9a-8752-e4cfc9ee1d85/clc-ts-50549-1-2015

The purpose of this Technical Specification is to provide technical guidance on the requirements for generating plants which can be operated in parallel with a distribution network. For practical reasons, this Technical Specification refers to the distribution system operator in case settings have to be defined and/or provided, even when these settings are to be defined and/or provided by another actor according to national and European legal framework. NOTE 1 This includes European network codes and their national implementation, as well as further national regulations. NOTE 2 Further national requirements especially for the connection to the distribution network and the operation of the generating plant can apply. The requirements of this Technical Specification apply to all generating plants, electrical machinery and electronic equipment, irrespective of the kind of primary energy source and irrespective of the presence of loads in the producer’s network that meet all of the following conditions: – converting any primary energy source into AC electricity; – connected to a LV distribution network and rated at more than 16 A per phase; – intended to operate in parallel with this distribution network under normal network operating conditions. NOTE 3 Generating plants rated up to and including 16 A per phase are covered by EN 50438. NOTE 4 Generating plants connected to a MV distribution network fall into the scope of CLC/TS 50549-2. Unless stated differently by the DSO generating plants connected to a medium voltage distribution network with a maximum apparent power up to 100 kVA can comply with this Technical Specification as alternative to the requirements of CLC/TS 50549-2. A different threshold may be defined by the DSO. This Technical Specification defines connection requirements. This Technical Specification recognizes the existence of National Standards, Network Codes, and specific technical requirements of the DSOs. These should be complied with. Excluded from the scope are: – the selection and evaluation of the point of connection; – power system impact assessment; – connection assessment; – island operation of generating plants, both intentional and unintentional, where no part of the distribution network is involved; – active front ends of drives feeding energy back into the distribution network for short duration; – requirements for the safety of personnel as they are already adequately covered by existing European Standards.