Title Security Techniques Advisory Group (STAG); A directory of security features in ETSI standards
Acronym ETSI TCR-TR 029
Document Type Standard
Published Year 1995
Link https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_tcrtr/001_099/029/01_60/tcrtr_029e01p.pdf

Security features have been incorporated in a number of European Telecommunication Standards
(ETSs), and are likely to become an increasingly important aspect of ETSI work as digital technology
comes more and more into use.
This Technical Committee Reference Technical Report (TCR-TR) provides an overview of security
features which currently have been integrated, or are in the process of integration, into an ETS.
For each of the activities the scope and status of the work is described.
Also some potential security activities which are identified or planned as future ETSI activities are listed.
This TCR-TR is intended to be a reference document describing the actual status of the security work
within ETSI.
For each of the activities described, the corresponding classes from the classification given in ITSTC
Memorandum M-IT-06 [1] are indicated. In cases where an activity corresponds to more than one class,
the most relevant class is listed first.
It is intended to update this TCR-TR regularly.