Title Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking (TISPAN);Security Design Guide;Method and proforma for defining Protection Profiles
Acronym ETSI ES 202 382
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2005
Link https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_es/202300_202399/202382/01.01.01_60/es_202382v010101p.pdf

The present document provides guidance on the preparation of Protection Profiles (PP) based upon ETSI communication standards. A PP defines an implementation-independent set of security requirements for a category of communications equipment which is subject to evaluation under the Common Criteria (CC) scheme described in the multipart ISO/IEC 15408 [7].The detailed contents of a PP are specified in ISO/IEC 15408-1 [4]. The use and applicability of the CC to the ETSI standardization process is described in EG 202 387 [1] and further guidance on the implementation of security-related standards in telecommunications equipment is specified in ES 202 383 [2]. Throughout the present document, a worked example of a Protection Profile (PP) for TETRA Direct Mode Operation (DMO) security is used as an illustration. A partially complete PP for TETRA DMO security can be found in annex B.
NOTE: TETRA DMO was chosen as the example in the present document as, although the security analysis results, objectives and requirements are not necessarily collected together in one document, most of this information exists either explicitly or implicitly and it was, therefore, possible to construct a realistic and representative example PP.
Conformance to the present document is established by successful evaluation to the requirements of ISO/IEC 15408-3 [6].