Title Test procedures for digital subscriber line (DSL) transceivers
Acronym ITU-T G.996.1
Document Type Standard
Committee ITU-T STUDY GROUP 15
Published Year 2003
Link https://www.itu.int/rec/dologin_pub.asp?lang=e&id=T-REC-G.996.1-200102-I!!PDF-E&type=items

This Recommendation describes the testing procedures for ITU-T Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
Recommendations. The testing procedures described herein include methods for testing DSL
transceivers in the presence of crosstalk from other services, Radio Frequency ingress, impulse noise
and POTS signalling. Test loops and in-home wiring models are specified for different regions of the
world for use during DSL performance testing. Other DSL Recommendations reference this
Recommendation for testing procedures and configurations. This Recommendation does not specify
performance requirements for these other Recommendations; it only specifies the procedures for
measuring the performance requirements for a particular Recommendation.