Title The ENTSO-E Scheduling System (ESS) Implementation Guide
Acronym ENTSO-E Scheduling System (ESS)
Document Type Standard
Committee ENTSO-E
Published Year 2010
Link https://www.transnetbw.com/downloads/strommarkt/bilanzkreismanagement/ess_vorgaben_in_deutschland_v2r1_englisch.pdf

The operative prerequisites for cross-border electricity exchange are to be improved further given the advancing liberalisation of electricity markets in Europe and the increasing number of transactions and players. In particular, the data formats and names of market parties are to be standardised on European level so that international information and data exchange by electronic means can run smoothly. For this, as part of the unification of European transmission grid operators, ENTSO-e, the “EDI” working group was commissioned to develop a new European-wide, standardised schedule format, the ESS (ENTSO Scheduling System) [2]. Following the successful introduction of the “ESS” schedule format for operative usage in 2003 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, different changes and improvements have arisen on the basis of growing requirements. With the requirements arising from StromNZV (Stromnetzzugangsverordnung (Electricity Grid Access Ordinance)) for cross-control area schedule registrations, other improvements have arisen that need to be takeninto consideration.