Title Use Cases for Communication between Plug-in Vehicles and Off-Board DC Charger
Acronym SAE J2836-2
Document Type Standard
Published Year 2011
Link https://www.sae.org/standards/content/j2836/2_201109

This SAE Information Report SAE J2836/2™ establishes use cases and general information for communication between plug-in electric vehicles and the DC Off-board charger. Where relevant, this document notes, but does not formally specify, interactions between the vehicle and vehicle operator. This applies to the off-board DC charger for conductive charging, which supplies DC current to the vehicle battery of the electric vehicle through a SAE J1772™ Hybrid coupler or SAE J1772™ AC Level 2 type coupler on DC power lines, using the AC power lines or the pilot line for PLC communication, or dedicated communication lines that is further described in SAE J2847/2. The specification supports DC energy transfer via Forward Power Flow (FPF) from grid-to-vehicle.
The relationship of this document to the others that address PEV communications is further explained in section 5. This is the 1st version of this document and completes step 1 effort that captures the initial objectives of the SAE task force. The intent of step 1 was to record as much information on “what we think works” and publish. The effort continues however, to step 2 that allows public review for additional comments and viewpoints, while the task force also continues additional testing and early implementation. Results of step 2 effort will then be incorporated into updates of this document and lead to a republished version.